i decided to look up the original mad world because i had never heard it and at one point in the video one of the other dudes in tears for fears just starts going hard while standing on a dock



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Superior Iron Man #1

I’m going to have to ask you to go home and change


Superior Iron Man #1

I’m going to have to ask you to go home and change

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Bad credit? No credit? First time buyer? First time baby? No legs? 8 legs? You a spider? Are you a Spider trying to buy a house?

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You know what the Green Heron is basically the best heron because it is like 90% neck so when it is all folded down it looks like a giant head with wings and legs


but then suddenly ZOOP


fucking green herrons

What the fuck

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Since people keep bugging me for makeup tips, here’s a tutorial on how I create my day-to-day look.


Since people keep bugging me for makeup tips, here’s a tutorial on how I create my day-to-day look.

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i made an aesthetic generator now you can discover urself


this is fucked up


nailed it



correct, a+, 100%

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That’s right, ladies and gents—I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the official launch of my website, CHEZ-PHOTO.COM . On it you’ll find new and old works, and some never-before-seen projects. I’ve worked many, many long hours putting this together, and I do hope you’ll take the time to look through it.

I would not suggest viewing it on mobile, as the site is rather lacking in that department, and I also would not suggest loading it on a slower computer.

Other than that, please, be my guest. And thank you all for your support.

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(this is totally a repost, sorry!! I’m only going to be a tag-spamming jerk this once, I swear.)

I went from “huh, this looks interesting” to “emotionally compromised by Fushimi Saruhiko” really fast, and the resulting fic is in desperate need of another set of eyes. I’m not entirely sure how…

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April 1, 2007: Elegy of Fortinbras, Zbigniew Herbert


Elegy of Fortinbras
Zbigniew Herbert

for C.M.

Now that we’re alone we can talk prince man to man
though you lie on the stairs and see no more than a dead ant
nothing but black sun with broken rays
I could never think of your hands without smiling
and now that they lie on the stone like fallen nests
they are as defenceless as before The end is exactly this
The hands lie apart The sword lies apart The head apart
and the knight’s feet in soft slippers

You will have a soldier’s funeral without having been a soldier
the only ritual I am acquainted with a little
there will be no candles no singing only cannon-fuses and bursts
crepe dragged on the pavement helmets boots artillery horses drums
drums I know nothing exquisite those will be my manoeuvres before I
start to rule
one has to take the city by the neck and shake it a bit

Anyhow you had to perish Hamlet you were not for life
you believed in crystal notions not in human clay
always twitching as if asleep you hunted chimeras
wolfishly you crunched the air only to vomit
you knew no human thing you did not know even how to breathe

Now you have peace Hamlet you accomplished what you had to
and you have peace The rest is not silence but belongs to me
you chose the easier part an elegant thrust
but what is heroic death compared with eternal watching
with a cold apple in one’s hand on a narrow chair
with a view of the ant-hill and the clock’s dial

Adieu prince I have tasks a sewer project
and a decree on prostitutes and beggars
I must also elaborate a better system of prisons
since as you justly said Denmark is a prison
I go to my affairs This night is born
a star named Hamlet We shall never meet
what I shall leave will not be worth a tragedy

It is not for us to greet each other or bid farewell we live on archipelagos
and that water these words what can they do what can they do prince

(translated from Polish by Czeslaw Milosz & Peter Dale Scott)

[I love poems that give a fresh perspective to a fictional character,
and here Fortinbras, the soldier who shows up at the end of Hamlet,
gets to have his say. I love how the lack of punctuation gives this
poem a kind of immediacy, and seeing a really pragmatic perspective on
what happens after the end of the play, the end of the tragedy, when
life goes on, when you’re the kind of person who isn’t a Hamlet.]

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